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PostSubject: Introduction   Sun Jun 12, 2011 9:23 pm

After a long day of school and work, you flop down on your bed, completely numb to your surroundings. You let your body go limp and your mind drift off.
You dream of wind. Everything was wind. An unbelivable, rushing wind. No sky, no ground, no anything. Only wind. Soon, the wind begins to gradually change colors. Shades of blue, red, orange, green, yellow, purple, and brown bewilder your eyes.
Then come the stars. Millions and millions. You're in a meadow, you think, your neck refuses to look down, but you can feel the grass in between your bare toes as you gaze into the endless black sky.

Welcome to the Dream World. It's your dream! It's not always night here, but it sometimes is, because, well, night sometimes happens. Even though it's night, some things happen here that don't sometimes happen, if you know what I mean. Crazy things. Insane things. Wonderfully crazy and insane things. Also, I hope you're not planning on waking up, because you're not going to. It's just not going to happen. Every once in a while, a strange phenomenon occurs where, instead of your mind visiting the Dream World, your entire body gets sucked in and you never leave ever. Sorry about that.

You're a little sad about leaving your old life, but, dreams are pretty fun too, even if you are stuck forever. You decide to stay and check this place out. Head over to characters to create your character and begin your dream.
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